Support Those That Support Education

Our sponsors have heard our message, and it resonated.  They acted.  They’ve come forward with support, monetary, services, advice and counsel.  Please give to those that open their checkbooks, provide guidance and mentoring, and believe that education is a big part of who we are!  

If you’d like to become a sponsor, contact us here to find out how, where your contributions will go, and what you get in return.

 A huge thanks to The TeeShirt Shoppe, in Anthem.  They’ve stepped up big time by donating a batch of shirts!  Please send them some love!


The TeeShirt Shoppe


Life is dumb. So are shirts.  


KE WEb Development

World wide

We thrive on delivering complete, end-to-end solutions for clients like you that want to focus more on the mission, and much less on managing an effective internet presence.  

CNS 360


We worry about technology so you don’t.
IT plays a critical role in helping businesses operate efficiently and productively. We value the importance of every client, every account and every relationship. 

Your Logo Here

Could be you!

Think of all the traffic
and business you’ll receive.
Besides, you’ll be helping the 
health of our state all the while!

Email Us for Information.

Our Website

Web Hosting

Our web hosting is provided by KEWD.  The owner of the company, Victor, read what we were doing and what we are about and reached out, offering to help.  

If you need a website hosted, please consider KEWD as they support education reform!

Some of the Individuals 

As we are working on our 501 (c) 3, Private Support has been paramount to our success.

First off, a YouTuber discovered us and made a video on our behalf.  That video helped raise a lot of money for our cause.  Please check out Fernanda’s channel by clicking here.  

Here is a list of other people who have contributed to our cause.

Thomas Blanchard
Rebecca Sellman
Gilberto Mendez
Diana Anguiano
Angela Mongiello
Josey Herrera
Victor Foulk
Fernanda Sandoval
Judy Merrill
Yesenia Alvarez
David Platon
Luz DelCid
Tracy Filipi
Jonah McCoy
Anna Coleman
Nathaniel Adams
Frank Velasco
Cynthia Castillo
Veronica Maldonado
Jeny Manalac
Caroline Reynolds
Larry Brown
Keisha Hamilton
Kyle and Katie Renterghem
Amber Peters
Hugo Luna
Mike Hughes
Adrianna Molloy

Julie Rodriguez
Alan Camarillo