How we help financially struggling teachers
How we change the hearts and minds of the public about the value of teachers


Giving Back – Envelope Stuffed with Cash  


We find a teacher in Arizona that is the sole source of income for a family and hand them an envelope stuffed with $500 in cash.  It’s a simple but powerful gesture.  

We are saying, “We all thank you, you deserve more.”

We are saying, “This isn’t much, but it’s going to buy a lot of diapers and help with groceries.”

We are saying, “Please tough it out a little longer while people work to try and fix this broken machine that made teacher pay a crisis.”

If you know of a teacher that is the sole source of income for a family, and they’re not independently wealthy, and you’d like to add them to our pool of potential recipients, please click the NOMINATE button to the right above the picture.

Featured Teacher of the Month

Celebrating the Valuable Impact Teachers Make in Their Communities



The Featured Teacher of the Week highlights what value teachers bring to their communities, beyond the impact they make with their students.  

Every week we pick a teacher that is nominated by their peers (or students) for the positive influences they bring to those around them.  We want to celebrate these teachers for what they bring and help the community outside of educators to see what powerful and valuable contributions teachers make on a daily basis.  Teachers are powerful and influential people in our communities. 

At the end of each month we will use social media (Facebook, the blog on this site, and YouTube) to collect votes from the general public as to which Teacher of the Week deserves Teacher of the Month.  We will invite local businesses to sponsor the program as we will have cash prizes, gift cards and good old fashioned swag to award these fantastic teachers!  

If you’d like to nominate a Featured Teacher of the Week please click the button to the right above the picture.











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