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Poor, but want to help…

What we need:

  1.  Advertisement…spread the word about what we’re doing.  Share our website with others, follow us on social media and spread the word.On social media use the hashtag:  #awp (arizona’s working poor).  Tag us in pictures and posts, comments, like subscribe!  If you’re able to, buy a shirt from us to spread the word.  It’s an AWESOME logo, made it myself, and a nice shirt.  Click here to visit our store.
  2. Help with awarding winners…Travel is difficult in Arizona.  We need spokes people on various sites, people willing to hand out and make videos of awards for the Teacher of the Week Program.  If you’re interested, please let us know.  Fill out the Google form here.
  3. Participation…We need nominations for our programs.  Read more here.

We need to change the minds of the general public.  We need to squash the image of the poor noble teacher.  Teachers are noble because of what they do, not because of the compensation received.

As we grow we will need contributing blog writers, YouTubers, and people willing to attend their local school board meetings to keep abreast of what is happening and to make a presence felt.

We are trying to change the minds of the public, change the perception of teachers and recalibrate the value of education.  One way you can do this is by hosting a Walk-In.  Read about that here.

You can help by promoting the positive and valuable impacts that teachers make in their communities every day.

We Need Cash Flow

If you’re in a position to help financially, we need your help.  We are giving money to teachers in a way that highlights their contributions as well as helping those trying to raise families on teacher-salary to make ends meet!  You can choose to sponsor a Teacher of the Week, or contribute to a teacher that we select as financially needy.  We literally give a poor teacher raising a family on a sole income of teacher pay an envelope with $500 in cash in it…that’s a lot of diaper money for someone making $1,200 a month!


We also need money to fund outreach programs that spread the word about what we’re doing!  Whether you just allow us to use the money as is most demanded at the time, or would like to contribute to a particular program, we’re happy for any contributions you can make.  


We have two ways to contribute.  One is with our GoFundMe account for a one time donation.  We also have a Patreon Account for a monthly donation that will help us with our budget.


Anything you purchase through our Amazon Affiliate account will cost you no extra money but will help fund our programs with a small commission.  Click the link below to shop on Amazon.



Corporate Sponors

Each month we run a program called “Feature Teacher,” where we highlight the positive and valuable impacts that teachers make in their communities.  We like to do more than give verbal praise, we like to provide some cash gratitude to these wonderful and influential professionals!

Each month we rely on the contributions of a corporate sponsor provide the tangible show of appreciation for our powerful and influential teachers.  If you’d like to get involved in this fashion, please email us at by clicking here.  In return you’ll get some word of mouth press on YouTube and advertisement here on our site.



Our Message and Values


By sponsoring us you are supporting the following:

1. Education is not just important, it is a foundation of who we are as a nation of people.  We educate everybody, rich, poor, able, and troubled.  We educate one and all because with education a person has access to the means by which they can change their cast.  With an education the American Dream is alive and well, it is a possibility.  We provide that to all.

We are an a-political organization, it’s in our by-laws.  We do not endorse a party or candidate.  We simply believe in the power of education.

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