I would like to propose the following:

1. We don’t need to strike.

2. May 8th (Teacher Appreciation Day), statewide, all supporters (not just educators), sick-out, march on the capitol. If we had 100,000 attend walk-ins, we can do more with this because we have a huge voice and know it now. 

Let’s shut down the state for a day.

3. Message:  Ducey’s plan, even if 100% legitimate, only addresses teacher pay.  It has never been about teacher pay, but funding all of education.

4.  Demand: A seat at the table WE made to come up with a meaningful, substantial and sustainable reform that addresses the demands, and opens the door for fixing our bloated testing system and ridiculous curriculum revolving door. 

Our demands will not be met in haste, a strike will create hasty decisions like this new Ducey proposal.

5.  If the demands aren’t met by the fall we are striking on 10/15/18, right before elections.

6.  Inform districts and school boards that they can support the 5/2 sick-out fully to help prevent a strike.  They need to adopt the AEU demands to help prevent a strike because #7:

7.  A strike will hurt paraprofessionals, aides, secretaries, all other staff, as well as single parents … all those we ultimately wish to help, more than it would hurt our target. (A strike will DESTROY our target just before elections if we go this route and don’t come to an agreement with Ducey.)

8.  The AEU is NOT negotiating. By going on strike, which we cannot sustain long, we will negotiate.

If you agree, share on your homepage.  Disagree, let’s chase down resolutions and holes in this plan. 

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